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Customer demand has made us focus on the US energy market. And due to customers arriving from other parts of Northern Europe, we no longer focus solely on Danish customers. For those reasons, the name Boston Denmark Partnerships no longer applies, and so we have a new website: Muninsight

- Accounting, financial management and operational support: All important elements when embarking upon a business in the US

Danish and other companies looking to enter the US market, will need support with bookkeeping, back office work, accounting and financial management. This entry will sketch out some of the options available to them in the Boston area. offers accounting services and operational support for small businesses at a very reasonable price:
- Financial operations manager: $75/hr
- Financial operations associate: $55/hr
- QB/data hosting: $40/month per user and $100/set-up per user.
Supporting strategies works to digitize all back-office documents enter them into a database so they can be worked on with QuickBooks, a software, that allows access to CPAs and other designated individuals. Their central claim is that "The virtual workflow process allows our team to easily and seamlessly manage your accounting support needs - efficiently allowing us to pay your bills, invoice your customers, and provide you with financial reports to help you manage your business." In addition, they also offer assistance with basic human resources needs. Leslie Jorgensen, the President of Supporting Strategies, is married to a Dane, as the surname might indicate.
Marie Landel & Associates also offers back office services to small (but also medium-sized) companies, especially in the high-tech sector, including software, biomedical, and medical devices. They specialize in European companies. Marie Landel herself is French, and has worked in close relationship with the French-American Chamber of Commerce in Boston since 1990. In addition to back office services, ML&A offer assistance with the set-up of companies (incorporation, work visas, bank accounts, insurance, and the like), with human resources (including setting up benefits packages), financial reporting and tax returns. They will also assist in a consulting capacity, supervising the client's administrative and accounting teams.
DiCicco, Gulman & Campany are certified public accountants and business advisors, focusing on smaller clients. Unlike the above two, they do not offer operational support - rather: the core of their services lies in financial reporting, US tax preparation, and consulting. The latter includes lending arrangements, tax strategizing, and assistance with due diligence. DiCicco are members of the Moore Stephens network, an international network of accountants that becomes useful when dealing with companies paying taxes in more than one country. There are members of the Moore Stephens network in both Denmark and Sweden.
Obviously, these three companies are not the only ones in the Greater Boston area offering operational support, but they give a flavor of the kind of assistance a company from Denmark, Scandinavia or Europe may rely upon when embarking upon a business in the US.
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