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Customer demand has made us focus on the US energy market. And due to customers arriving from other parts of Northern Europe, we no longer focus solely on Danish customers. For those reasons, the name Boston Denmark Partnerships no longer applies, and so we have a new website: Muninsight

- Creating transparency in a complex environment

The US market can be a complex and closed environment for foreign companies – an environment where companies often struggle to succeed. At Boston Denmark Partnerships we make it our top priority to create transparency by sharing knowledge, experience, and important information to assist Danish and European companies in navigating this new and alien context. The information provided here can jump start a company’s market entry.

We see this blog as an opportunity to give voice to the information we receive on a regular basis when connecting and re-connecting with our network of associates within the business management, financial investment, government, legal, human resource, marketing and academic research communities in the Boston area.
The North American market is rich in opportunities, and Boston presents unique advantages for Danish and European companies embarking on an uncertain venture. The purpose of this blog is thus to present both the opportunities within different sectors and also the potential challenges of a US market entry.


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