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Customer demand has made us focus on the US energy market. And due to customers arriving from other parts of Northern Europe, we no longer focus solely on Danish customers. For those reasons, the name Boston Denmark Partnerships no longer applies, and so we have a new website: Muninsight

MIT celebrates 150 years' anniversary

This year MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, celebrates its 150th anniversary.

It can look back on a tremendous history of innovation stretching at the very least over the radar and atomic bomb work during World War II, participation in the development of the internet, and the current development in biotech.

MIT 150 Year Anniversary Media Lab View

The Kendall Square area of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is home to MIT, to  many start-ups and also to more established biotech companies, such as Genzyme. Harvard is just a couple of miles away, and so are several of the largest teaching hospitals in the US. Add the many investors, and you have all the ingredients for a cluster producing seemingly endless innovation the kind of cluster that Copenhagen is also trying to foster.

MIT 150 Year Anniverdary Celebration

The photo depicts historians and archivists discussing MIT's history under a photo of its founder, William Barton Rogers, whose motto for MIT, mens et manus, has served it and is continuing to serve it very well.

The event took place at MIT's Media Lab with a view from Cambridge, across the Charles River, to Boston's Back Bay.

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