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Customer demand has made us focus on the US energy market. And due to customers arriving from other parts of Northern Europe, we no longer focus solely on Danish customers. For those reasons, the name Boston Denmark Partnerships no longer applies, and so we have a new website: Muninsight

USA Inspiration

Speaking Engagements

We can speak from an American perspective, with an emphasis on the issues that tend to be a surprise for Northern European companies.

Such surprises may be found in

  • Sales channels, marketing, budgeting (caused for example by the much bigger market)
  • Product development (customer demand, liability and regulation are all different, sometimes subtly so)
  • Human services (different expectations of employees, incentives, and cooperation)
  • Customers' honesty and attitude to payment terms
  • long term planning of acquisition
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation


Innovation Tours

We can organize innovation study tours in Boston with themes such as innovation leadership, the drug pipeline, or understanding investors. A day tour can include:

  • Invited speakers
  • Visits to Harvard and MIT
  • Experiencing the startup environment
  • Transportation, lunch and dinner 
Like some inspiration?

If you are considering getting an outside perspective, do let us know in what form you would ideally like to see this.

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